State of the Union

We cannot sit ideally by and expect everything will be OK, it will not! The Democratic Party is not the same party it was just 10 years ago. They are no longer the party of the people. After their loss in 2016 you know they are going to be out in force to take back more power. They are quite open, they will abolish the Electoral College, which penetrates the Constitution. Once this happens it weakens the entire constitution and 2nd Amendment is next. History tells the rest of the story.

Before the 2018 mid-terms we expected a “Big Red Tsunami Wave” and to the surprise of many, me included, we lost the House. This should have been a big wake-up call, but Republicans still lag way behind in the number of volunteers. Democrats have an internet platform like this one that launched 2 years ago and are up to 40,000 volunteers. They bus them into the hot spot areas, 12 buses carry over 600 passengers. They call, canvass, attend rallies and some say they vote. There is nothing a democrat will not do to win.

Registered Voters Today:


  • 58M Republican
  • 80M democrat
  • 56M independent

Many Conservatives think we have the Independents on our side, but we don’t. The two Independent Congressmen caucus with the Democrats.

Overall, in 2016, there were about 4.6 million more reported voters than in 2012. Most of these additional voters (3.7 million) were 65 years and older. Remember, despite these additional reported voters, the overall voting rate was not statistically different between the two elections.



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