How Fragile is Our Republic
How Fragile is Our Republic

Democrats have not only stolen taxpayer money and gotten rich off gaff and bribes but they have stolen the citizens’ right to freedom of speech & expression. If you don’t agree with them the average citizen will beat you down, physically.

If you wear an “Elect Nancy Pelosi” or any democrat shirt nobody says or does anything but wear a MAGA cap or shirt and you will be attacked by one or more of the first 10 people that see it. This never happened before in America, so why is it that way today?

Maxine Waters telling democrats to attack Republicans wherever they see them seemed to start it. Then the propaganda press doing their mind game plots became the major contributor to dividing the country and creating hate with their consent flow of misinformation. Other elected democrats have contributed in more subtle ways but the fact that nothing happens to the democrat official, boosts the courage of the everyday idiot.

How fragile is our democracy when in a few short months half the country
think they have a right to physically beat down anyone that doesn’t agree with them?

Everyone should create a Google search for “attacks on conservatives”, there are 15,800,000 results in the search results. Of course, those are entries not the actual number of attacks, but it is an indicator of how horrible Democrats have made America in a short period of time. Does anyone want them to have the power to control the government?

When will the @DNC & MSM be held accountable as the rest of us are? Almost daily attacks on people wearing #MAGA gear go unreported. Yet fake assaults even after they are proven fake are continued to be reported.

There is only one answer; to stop electing democrats, from mayors to presidents. It can be done and we are the people to make it happen. (read my post, “Outnumbered, but not Off-guard”


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