Fear in America

Remember when friends & neighbors had political discussions and they amounted to no more than a fans of KC Chief’s and fans of Denver Bronco’s discussion. We didn’t lose friends talking Democrat or Republican. Then it seemed that suddenly, you couldn’t talk to a Democrat. If they thought you looked like a conservative they would unload and run off. In 1 year that changed to hate and violence. Freedom of speech & expression is GONE! I for one, don’t feel like I live in America anymore. Democrats got control of the House and what have they done that is constructive for the country? We need to unite and take back the house, secure the senate and make sure that a Republican sets in the White House for at least 12 years to give the young the chance to grow to maturity. Tell your friends to join you here bring your social media followers to Patriot.gop .


Born Cook County General Chicago IL, K12 School Hemingford NE, Attended University of Colorado, PHD from Hardknox University.
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