New Volunteers

Thank you, the Patriot Volunteer program is just beginning. You are one of the first to join. We are busy announcing the opening launch of the website & organization. Please help by inviting all your SM friends and the action will begin shortly.

As one of the first 100 Volunteers you will be added to the honorary “Founders Group” and given a personal [name]@Patriot.gop email address, free of charge! Please make yourself at home investigate the many features & tools of your Patriot Volunteer suite.

Phillip Scott
Administrator (admin)


Born Cook County General Chicago IL, K12 School Hemingford NE, Attended University of Colorado, PHD from Hardknox University.

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Landon Goldfuss
on 07/01/2019 -

Yes, Hello USA – It’s a Bigly Day Patriots, everyday is a Bigly Day, when you’re working in the service of our Lord. Love our country, Respect our President, and a slice of our Mom’s apple pie! God Bless America.
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