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Patriot Volunteers is an independent group promoting educated political participation from ALL American citizens. Members are NOT required to join call teams. Everyone is invited to be part of the group and enjoy the online community of conservative minded people.  Our goals are to unite 10,000 individuals who will donate a few hours calling from home to identify, educate and assist qualified, but unregistered voters to understand the importance of their vote. Together, we will accomplish our goals through dedicated individuals who are interested in promoting factual & truthful information. Thus, bringing people an understanding of the critical importance and impact they will have on the future of America.

Volunteers – Join in the fun & excitement, seeing direct results for your volunteer work. Making new like-minded friends who enjoy working together as volunteers with a unified goal of securing the freedoms of our country for future generations. You have the opportunity today to be part of this exciting new organization, a new style of warrior for a new style of threat, fighting against hate, division, lies, fakenews and destructive socialist ideology. We are dedicated to all citizens, regardless of race, color, national origin or ancestry.

Our Community web platform is designed as many of the best community websites, here relationships are the name of the game. Patriot Volunteers site delivers a vibrant, digital space where members can connect to one another and deepen their commitment to the mission. Create lasting connections with new and old friends through the forum and group discussion. Inspire and share information via blogs and messages. Encourage teamwork participation and action with gamification, Cash Prizes and much more. Measure the impact of our work with easy-to-understand dashboards. The opportunities are endless.

Security, Security Security: it can’t be overstated on today’s internet. Our community platform is protected to the best industry standards in every way, from all member interaction covered by 256 encryption to the many layers of security at the server and database. We lease a VPS server from Inmotion Hosting, one of the top data centers. All software upgrades & patches are automatic from the development companies, so we are the first protected. Also, see our Privacy and Terms statements.

Complete privacy controls – Each member can easily control who sees or knows what about them, from your closest friend, with whom you share everything, to a complete privacy from those you don’t know yet. Some of the sharing tools are:

  • Posts, Comments, Reviews
  • Monitor Gov officials
  • Chat Rooms
  • Groups Public & Private
  • Friends
  • Keep in Touch
  • Private & Group Messages
  • Build Slideshows
  • Post Quotes
  • Bookmarks
  • Send Notifications
  • Track Bills in Congress
  • Monitor how your rep votes
  • Latest News from various media
  • Sitewide Forum
  • Member Directory
  • Search
  • Activity Stats
  • Team Points
  • Individual Points
  • Prizes
  • President Trump’s Twitter posts
  • Upload Videos, Sound Tracks
  • Upload Sound Tracks
  • Audio Books
  • Register to Vote
  • Update you Registration
  • Contact Your Reps
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