Outreach to the Silent Majority
We live in unusual times. Things are happening that should have never happened. The untapped resource , Ronald Reagan called the “Silent Majority”, is in the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recent Voting and Registration Supplement indicates that 21.4 percent were not registered to vote. We are uniting as volunteers with the common cause of helping qualified, unregistered citizens understand the importance of their vote in today’s political climate. Working together, we can have a major impact, in a positive way, on the future of our country.

Training & Education
Patriot Volunteers can call from home into any district of any state, our 3 question phone survey is all level 1 volunteers do, it’s that simple, anyone can do it. United together, is the only way we will accomplish our goals through truthful & factual information, bringing people an understanding of their critical importance and the impact they will have on the future of America. We are dedicated to working for the love of country and all citizens regardless of race, creed or color.

Republicans lost: both houses & govern mansion in Virginia, Nov 2019. Less than 30 days the democrats have 5 gun grab bills on the docket! It can happen to everyone, President Trump can’t fight it alone. We need 10,000 volunteers NOW

Republicans lost: Kentucky Governor race 11/09/2019, Republicans lost by 5,189 votes! If only 500 volunteers had started calling 3 weeks prior, we could have changed the results to a Republican win.

Today’s the day – Join in the fun & excitement, seeing direct results for your volunteer work. Making new like-minded friends who enjoy working together as volunteers with a unified goal of securing the freedoms of our country for future generations. You have the opportunity today to be part of this exciting new concept. To be a new style of warrior fighting a new style of threat. Fighting against hate, division, lies, fakenews and destructive socialist ideology.


We are seeking all levels of volunteers. Choose your desired participation depending on how much time you can contribute or an area of expertise. Simple phone calling or team management or research coordinators. You choose what fits for you. We work both in coordination with the RNC and independently.

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Government feeds and tools in each volunteer's dashboard provide up to the minute information about bills coming up for discussion or being voted on. Track how your representatives have voted in a complete log of their history and much more.

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If you have the desire to make a difference, you are worth a $million or more in donation. You are welcome to join for the ride or join for leadership, everyone is welcome. Like the TrumpTrains, you just get on-board, Lets Go!

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